Reignite your vitality for life and reach your full potential with the power of Kinesiology & Coaching


Too often we put others’ needs ahead of our own – as a parent, a partner, or a friend. It can leave us feeling emotionally exhausted, depleted of energy, and spiritually empty. Sound familiar?

It’s time to break the cycle.

Learn how to put your own needs, goals, and desires first with the powerful combination of kinesiology and coaching. Together, we will pinpoint what’s holding you back, and build a framework that will see you achieving your goals, feeling amazing, and experiencing an abundance of love for yourself and others.

It’s not too late.

have the power to transform your existence into a deeply enriching life.

I have the expertise to guide and support you towards living that dream.

Take this opportunity to believe in yourself. To have faith in your intuition and confidence in your ability to achieve whatever you set out to achieve.

Make this a year of loving, laughing, and living more and watch this renewed vitality radiate into everything and everyone in your life.

Let me be the person who helps you realise this vision.




I have been interested in kinesiology for a long time and was introduced to Juliet through mutual connections. I was unsure as to what to expect and my first session exceeded expectations. I left feeling lighter and with clarity which I had not experienced in months! I have since returned for a number of sessions and Juliet's caring and compassionate nature has helped realise and release a number of blocks not only on a personal but also on a professional level. Kinesiology sessions with Juliet are now a regular MUST when it comes to my own self-care and self-love.

ISOBEL Pyefinch

My Kinesiology sessions with Juliet have been my first venture into this mode of healing - and what a joyful experience it has been! Juliet is gentle, kind, compassionate and caring, and helped guide me towards what my body and soul had been longing for, on a deeper level than I could mentally realise and release. It has been wonderful (if not slightly emotional!) to be helped with a loving hand along the way on my healing journey. I've had some massive shifts and reassurances. Thank you so much, Juliet, it has been awesome!


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Kinesiology is perfect for anyone that is looking for a gentle non-invasive alternative to deal with emotional issues, to eliminate stress, overwhelm, depression or anxiety plus so much more.



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