Juliet Dyer


Transformation Coach | Kinesiologist

Juliet Dyer is the founder and director of the The Revitalise Centre, a wellness hub that cultivates and nurtures physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This is a vision Juliet had close to her heart for many years, and has now created a collective of practitioners who embrace a complete approach to holistic health and wellbeing to guide your journey to vibrance. The Revitalise Centre provides therapeutic services, classes, workshops and events to honour your body and fuel your soul. 

Juliet uses a powerful combination of NLP (neuro-linguist programming), Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis and Kinesiology to tap into a clients unconscious mind to bring a person’s unconscious behaviour to their conscious mind. This can be considered a fast track to personal or professional development. This process allows clients to reflect on their current behaviour consciously and make corrections to change that behaviour, allowing them to reach their desired goals in life.

Juliet sees clients for Kinesiology sessions as well as for Coaching Programs.



Happy Souls Interview with Jacintha Akkerman

HOW MUCH CAN ONE FAMILY HANDLE BEFORE SOMEBODY BREAKS? Over the course of 10 years, Juliet became a carer. Not just in the traditional sense of being a mum to her children and wife to her husband, but a carer of three 'heart kids' - Tyson, Charlotte, and her husband, Stuart, who although no longer a child, has suffered a heart condition since he was a young boy.