Make an investment in yourself - you deserve it

if you want to see change in your life, you have to be the change

Revilatise My Life Package


Do you want to feel bright, happy, and confident? Our inspiring kinesiology and coaching program will reignite your zest for life and help you to break through the barriers that have been holding you back.


We’ll begin the program by conducting a life audit to identify your goals and formulate an action plan to see them realised. The powerful combination of kinesiology and coaching will bring awareness to why you have struggled to achieve your goals, and help eliminate sabotage patterns you may have adopted in the past.

Next comes the action. To truly revitalise your life, significant changes need to occur – you’ll be breaking the habits you’ve developed over a lifetime, which takes commitment and persistence. To ensure you stay motivated, I will become your personal cheer squad, supporting you, believing in you and providing the encouragement you need to not only succeed in achieving your goals but in living your most extraordinary life.   

Together we will work towards creating the life you have always dreamed of.

Selecting the right package

Because everyone is different and requires varying levels of treatment, support, and accountability, I’ve designed three package options. Together, we’ll discuss the best package for meeting your needs, goals, and desires.

Package 1

- 1 x Initial life discovery consultation (1.5-hrs)

- 2 x standard consultations (1-hr each)

- 3 x follow up phone calls (15-mins each)

Package 2

- 1 x Initial life discovery consultation (1.5-hrs)

- 5 x standard consultations (1-hr each)

- 6 x follow up phone calls (15-mins each)

Package 3

- 1 x Initial life discovery consultation (1.5-hrs)

- 11 x standard consultations (1-hr each)

- 12 x follow up phone calls (15-mins each)

During the consultations, we will identify your goals, formulate an action plan, bring awareness to your self-sabotaging habits and work out a strategy to eliminate them. Regular calls and follow up consultations ensure you remain on track and accountable for achieving your goals.
*Sessions to be used within 12 months.

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