Kinesiology changed my life.


It helped heal me, and those I love, during difficult times. It broke down my barriers, taught me lessons I didn’t know I needed to learn; and ignited a passion inside that led me to leave my corporate job behind, re-educate myself, and put my heart and soul into this life-changing therapy. 

My journey towards kinesiology unfolded over the course of 10 years. During this period, I nursed my daughter through two heart surgeries. My son through one heart surgery, and later through a gut-wrenching condition that left my vibrant, happy, energetic boy wheelchair bound and in excruciating pain. I cared for my husband through multiple heart-related surgeries and procedures which almost resulted in a heart transplant.  

I was a powerhouse of strength through all this – for my family – but on the inside, my own heart was aching.


Once they were well and healthy, the emotional burn out caught up with me, and I struggled to understand why, now that the danger had passed, I was feeling lower than ever. Worse yet, I was feeling guilty about it. 

My self-love, my sense of who I was as a woman, was running dangerously low. A sentiment shared by many of my now clients. 

Life presented me with a few incredible people and opportunities to change my path towards healing – towards kinesiology. You can read more about my experience on my blog.

But what became abundantly clear during my experience, was my body’s ability to heal itself when shown unconditional self-love. When you break down the barriers that are holding you back, and embrace life from the inside out. 

I now specialise in helping other people break down their own barriers so they too can reach their full potential in life, career, and relationships.  


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